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Uru Field Trip - Second Life - March 1st

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:57 am    Post subject: Uru Field Trip - Second Life - March 1st Reply with quote

It's been a privilege and a pleasure knowing all of you in the Great Tree and it's my hope that can continue into our future, even though as a Community we may be branching out..

Please keep in contact and I'll seeya later Smile



If you haven't seen this already -

EVENT - Uru Field Trip - Second Life
DATE - Saturday, March 1st
TIME - 12:00 KI Time (Noon) and running about 7+ hours
PLACE - Beginning in Thend's Hood (Uru), then moving to Second Life
HOSTS - Thend (Uru)/Thend Destiny (SL), the Puzzlers, & many, many very friendly Second Life Uruites

- An exploratory introduction to the Uru Community & environment of Second Life for those who may not wish to go it alone, with the focus on Safety, Learning, & Fun - in that order

- Visits to the SL Relto & Hood re-creations
- Meeting the SL Uru Community
- Customizing & Clothing your Avvie
- Learning to Fly
- Teleportation Simplified
- Shopping & FREE STUFF!
- Creating Objects
- Q & A Time
- Uru/SL Karaoke Party at the SL Uru Hood

- Go to
- Pick the Basic Plan (Free), create your Avvie First Name, then choose a Last Name from the drop-down list (pick one that 'speaks' to you), Register, & Log Out
- Post your Uru Live Name and KI & full Second Life Avvie name in the MO:UL thread - Uru Field Trip - Second Life
- Meet at Thend's Hood (Uru) at Noon KI Time on March 1st & we'll all head to SL together (if you arrive late, go directly to SL & you will contacted, and/or be able to find us by Searching Uru Groups or Names)
- Once in SL, we will stick together as a Group. Also, the Buddy System will be in place. You will be paired-up with experienced Uru SLers to guide you & answer any questions.

(Btw, this Field Trip is unfortunately only open to folks Age 18 & Over due to SL's Terms of Service. For reference, there is a SL for Teens (Age 13 to 17) at - but you would have to check that out for yourselves)

Folks are asked to keep an open mind and, if you are interested, feel free to join in. In the future, there will be similar Field Trips to other places. Lord Chaos & I are in the planning stages for one to Guild Wars. Ti'chelle is considering one to (Ly'net has expressed interest in this, as well). Keep an eye out for details on those. Also, I'd encourage organizing forays into any of the other spots out there where Uruites may be congregating. I'm willing to assist or at least tag along, if possible.

The point of this Second Life venture, as well as any other such Field Trips, is two-fold...

First is obvious. I know there are concerns about moving elsewhere in general and these Field Trips are engineered to alleviate that as much as possible. Uru has a strong, diverse, dynamic Community. This means that where we go from here may take us in different directions, but does not mean we need lose contact with eachother. We've been through a lot together. We can and should continue to learn, grow, & share our experiences together, no matter where we are - as a Community.

Second, while it's true we will be 'refugees' in a sense, this doesn't mean we have to passively consent to the ways we may perceive other worlds work. We are more than that. We are Uru. We take this wherever we go. Thus, instead of this being just looked upon as us assimilated BY other environments, I see it more as bringing who we are and what we've learned in Uru TO other environments. Through our example we can provide those places with our own unique way of living and interacting. Perhaps, of the thousands upon thousands of people out there, some of them may hear 'The Call', as well.

We don't have to subject ourselves to the same xenophobia the D'ni had. We are Explorers, remember, may our curiousity and seeking of uncharted cultures and territories never end. When we return to the Cavern, even if we still co-exist elsewhere, we will be stronger and wiser for our explorations. We may even bring back a few new buddies to share the Journey of Uru with Wink

As stated above, those going on the SL Field Trip should post in the MO:UL thread - Uru Field Trip - Second Life. Apart from that, I also recommend posting your SL and any other online world Avvie names you might wish to share in the MO:UL thread - WHO'S WHO & WHERE - Online Avvie Names - so everyone can find eachother easier. Once I work out the format, a complete Avvie Name list will be available and updated at the Puzzlers site (exact address to be added soon). There, I will also post few Cheat Sheets for Second Life by Dudemom, and any other related information on SL and other places.
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