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Kadish Tolesa poem

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Friend of The Great Tree

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2004 10:23 am    Post subject: Kadish Tolesa poem Reply with quote

Something else I've been working on. Now I'm not sure if I've got the D'ni write on the fourth verse. It's supposed to read:

Praise Yahvo
Praise Yahvo
in Yahvo there is trust
for the Tree of Possibility
is eternal.

If anyone knows if I have it wrong, then please let me know. Thanks.

Kadish Tolesa

Here lies Guildmaster Kadish
Of bones and dust
Surrounded by his treasure
Of tapestries and gold
Vases and shields
An empty throne
Locked away in a vault.

Here he died
Keeping his wealth
Clinging to his possessions
Till his very last breath
Unable to take it with him
To the land of Te’Negamiris.

How he built his Ages
To protect his wealth
Hoarding these things
For him alone
As he clung to the teachings
Of King Naygen.

Votahr Yahvo
Votahr Yahvo
T’Yahvo meet kehn pahn
Khreh tehrokh jehru

And as I walk beneath the trees
With the leaves falling down
I wonder
Did you find peace?
In the wealth you gathered?
Did Yahvo, thy Maker
Rain down his blessings upon you?
But here you lie alone.

What an Age you wrote
Here in Kadish Tolesa
The mighty trees that grow,
Their ancient trunks reaching high
And the puzzles you wrote
Protecting your wealth
Like an ancient pharaoh.

What pain you must have suffered
Here alone in this vault
As the light died out
The darkness creeping along
Snuffing out your life
Like a gust of wind
The flame died.
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