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DRC News Updates 2.1.02 - 5.7.03

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2004 3:24 pm    Post subject: DRC News Updates 2.1.02 - 5.7.03 Reply with quote

5.7.03 A handful of restoration engineers are making preparations for a trip to Los Angeles next week.

4.21.03 The DRC celebrates the beginning of the D'ni year 9659. Happy new year!

3.31.03 Another group of around 100 Uru explorers arrived in the cavern last week.
The DRC has begun implementing new official procedures for opening newly approved areas to explorers. These procedures are currently being tested and will continue to be adjusted as necessary.

3.21.03 Today marks the one year anniversary of the arrival of the first authorized explorers in the cavern. It was one year ago today that a small group of explorers, not directly associated with the DRC, were able to explore parts of D'ni (and beyond) for the first time. A special thanks from the DRC to the explorers for all of your efforts this past year! You know how far we've come.
The restoration efforts continue. Though updates to this site have been intermittent lately, we look forward to increased activity now that we're on our final push to get things ready. The lack of attention to this site reflects the huge increase in work for all those involved in the restoration process. There have been a very large number of safety and stability issues that have been addressed, and new issues continue to be addressed as they are discovered. The DRC's time frame for allowing public visitation is still on schedule for sometime in 2003.

1.16.03 Efforts this month have been almost exclusively focused on getting more neighborhoods ready. Ten more have passed their phase five reviews.
More explorers began arriving on Monday 1.13.03. There are nearly one hundred new explorers.

12.9.02 A number of explorers have begun arriving from the surface which were not given approval by the DRC. This has caused a bit of concern, but we are doing what we can to accommodate the new arrivals.
The new explorers are being assigned to the Seret Neighborhood and are allowed to pick up a KI from the dispenser in the Garrison.

11.21.02 The Seret neighborhood has passed its Phase 5 inspection. It will be opened to authorized explorers soon.
Victor Laxman's team continues to make progress on the KI's interface regarding neighborhood management.
Due to events on the surface, we are attempting to be more proactive. We have roughly 20 more neighborhoods that can be put on the fast-track as Seret was, if necessary.

11.15.02 The Seret Neighborhood has passed phase 4. We are making every effort to have it through phase 5 by the end of next week.

11.8.02 The Seret Neighborhood passed its phase 3 review.
Marie would like to encourage the authorized explorers to continue the submission of KI snapshots.

10.31.02 We are very pleased to report that the Nexus passed its phase 5 inspection yesterday. With the Nexus approved, the MT System has been made available to the authorized explorers.
The first floor of the Garrison in the Maintainer's Age has also passed phase 5 and been made available to the authorized explorers. Explorers who haven't done so already, come to the Garrison and get an updated KI from the dispenser on the first floor.
There is still extensive damage on the second floor of the Garrison. Authorized explorers are reminded that the DRC barricades are placed for your protection. For your own safety, please do not go past the barriers, or attempt to access the second floor.

10.24.02 Work continues to be focused on the Nexus. Much progress has been made, despite the fact that we have not posted updates. To catch up:
10.15.02 - Passes phase 1 & 2 reviews
10.18.02 - Passes phase 3 review
10.24.02 - Passes phase 4 review

We anticipate the Nexus will pass its phase 5 review early next week. We plan to have it open to authorized explorers as soon as possible once it is approved.

Marie Sutherland made a new DRC T-shirt design available. She received several requests to upgrade her shop to hold more than one shirt design at a time. Marie is considering it. At the moment, she plans to stick with the one-shirt-at-a-time shop, but it is possible that past designs will be made available again at a future date. To see the currently available shirt, visit Marie's <CafePress Shop>.
Victor Laxman has delayed his work on the sound recording ability of the KI in order to focus on various KI interactions with the Nexus and the Neighborhoods. He and his team have nearly completed the English interface for the Nexus.
Kodama and Engberg are working on separate areas of the Maintainer's Age. Due to its size and the amount of damage, the DRC will open parts of this Age in several stages. The first part, the lower floor of the first building, is currently in phase 4. The upper floor is currently in phase 2.

10.4.02 After spending some time in Eder Kemo trying to solve the riddle of where Phil has gone and how he may have gotten there, the DRC members and the ResEngs have turned their full attention back to the restoration. When you're ready for us to join you, Phil, you know where we are.
Victor Laxman is continuing his work on various aspects of the KI, including translating the identification feature, and beginning work on the sound capture functionality.

9.24.02 Recap of the search for Phil Henderson:

9.6.02 - Phil Henderson was last seen heading to Eder Kemo (the Bevin Garden Age) for a routine assignment. When he wasn't seen again that evening, it was assumed that he left early for the weekend.

9.9.02 - Phil did not show up for work. Dr. Sutherland asked if Phil had been seen.

9.9.02 - 9.20.02 - For nearly two weeks, teams of volunteers searched all the areas that Phil Henderson had access to. No trace of him was found.

9.20.02 - Just as the 24/7 searches for Phil were about to be called off, Victor Laxman noticed a locator signal from Phil's KI coming from Eder Kemo. Dr. Watson went to the Age to try to locate him, but he was no where to be found. The signal stopped.

9.21.02 - 9.22.02 - Over the weekend, search teams again concentrated their efforts on Eder Kemo. There was no signal from Phil's KI, and no sign of him was found.

9.23.02 - The search teams went back to work. The signal appeared briefly and disappeared. No one was in Eder Kemo to look for Phil while the signal was there. The signal reappeared a few hours later, but disappeared about 30 minutes later. It seemed that no one made it once again.

Fortunately, one of the authorized explorers had made it there in time, and had a brief conversation with Phil via the KI. Phil said that he was OK, but that he wasn't coming back.

We are very happy to learn that Phil is alive and well, even if we have more questions than answers about how, where and why he went. We are confident that in time we will have these answers.

9.9.02 Restoration Engineer Phil Henderson has not reported in since Friday. Phil was last seen heading to the Garden Age. He was wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans. Attempts to contact him via the KI have failed. If anyone knows Phil's whereabouts, please contact Dr. Sutherland.

8.28.02 Ikuro Kodama has voiced concerns about the safety of explorers on Ae'gura. Any authorized explorers who intend to visit Ae'gura will be required to sign a waiver. Please see Dr. Watson.

8.27.02 A large portion of Ae'gura is planned to be opened to the authorized explorers in the near future. Keep in mind that many areas are still damaged and undergoing repair. As always, explorers will need to remain cautious.
Victor Laxman and his team have made great progress with the KI interface. Next, they will be working on the sound recording capabilities of the KI.

8.15.02 A recent decision to make more habitable neighborhoods available has pushed the restoration of neighborhoods up the list of priorities. The DRC has more than doubled the size of the restoration team devoted to the neighborhoods.
During the initial exploration of one of these neighborhoods, a small number of Books was discovered. All but two were damaged beyond any hope of repair. The two which are intact have been added to the list of Books scheduled for preliminary evaluation.

7.31.02 Due to circumstances beyond our control, the DRC board experienced a catastrophic failure. Victor Laxman, and others, have worked tirelessly to rebuild portions of lost data, and the forums are now operating again. MOST members registrations have been restored with MOST of the profile information. Please check your profile and make changes if necessary. If it’s not there, please re-register. The DRC expresses our sincere regret at any inconvenience this has caused. Thank you for your patience.

7.22.02 The first public tour of D'ni (specifically the Bevin neighborhood and the Garden Age) was given to the attendees of the Mysterium gathering in Philadelphia this weekend. Victor Laxman and his team worked very hard to
provide the necessary technology to make the remote live feed from D'ni to the surface possible. A special thanks to Authorized Explorer IMForeman for all of his help from the surface in making arrangements and providing equipment for this event.
DRC initial "maintainer trip" planned for today in the newest Age found in the industrial area. All phase one team members please attend.

7.11.02 Unfortunately, Rebek has not passed its Phase 2 review. The environment contains significant hazards to personal safety. After much debate, the council has voted to discontinue restoration of this Age for now in order to focus effort on Ages that can be restored with less risk to the restoration teams.

7.8.02 The DRC is back to work today, after a successful supply trip to the surface.
The Rebek Age has been scheduled for a Phase 2 review tomorrow. All council members should be present.

6.21.02 We are pleased to report that a Book to a new Age was recently discovered in the industrial area. The new Age has been added to the restoration schedule.
A number of our staff members will be working off-site for the next two weeks. We will probably not update our status again until July 8th or 9th.

6.17.02 Another busy week left little time for updates on our current status. We apologize. However, while this area was quiet, a great deal was
accomplished in other areas.
Teledahn officially completed phase five on Friday 6.14.02. The Age is now open to authorized explorers. The DRC would especially like to thank Douglas Sharper and all of the restoration engineers who worked so hard to get Teledahn up to this point.
The Tokotah second floor has received phase two approval and is officially in phase three now.
Two newer Ages have received phase three approval and are now being overseen by Michael Engberg.
The industrial complex has been under Phase Two status and, as a result, some interesting things have been uncovered. More details to follow.

6.7.02 After a busy week of work, the Tokotah second floor will be going through a phase two review over the weekend. We plan to move our headquarters up to the second floor upon phase five completion.
Teledahn continues to improve and is expected to receive phase five completion approval shortly, perhaps even next week.
Two new Ages have been receiving a tremendous amount of work and should be
entering phase four soon.
Inter-Age KI functionality, as well as photo capabilities, are being finalized and should be available to authorized explorers in the very near future.

5.29.02 After more than a week on the surface, most of the DRC members have now returned to the Cavern. Those who have not yet returned are scheduled to be back by the end of next week.
In the interim, Dr. Kodama and his team (who stayed in D'ni) have approved the KI Annex to begin Phase Three.
Also in the last week, a "garden" age previously discovered in the Bevin neighborhood, completed Phase Five. This small area is the first age available to authorized explorers.
Most of the more severe linking issues mentioned earlier have been addressed. The remaining issues have been given top priority.
In today's meeting, Victor Laxman announced that the efforts to restore D'ni were perceived as "fanciful" to certain outsiders. In rather dramatic form he pointed out the window to the D'ni cavern, declared it all a "figment of his imagination", laughed, then stated that it was time to get back to work.

5.20.02 Two Ages successfully completed reviews over the weekend. Teledahn has been approved for Phase Five status and the Cove has been approved for Phase Two status.
A large supply trip remains on schedule for this week with Dr. Watson having already returned to the surface yesterday.

5.17.02 Unfortunately, in recent days, new linking issues have been uncovered, some of which pose significant safety hazards. No one has been seriously injured, however, access to other Ages continues to be held back from the authorized explorers.
Michael Engberg, Dr. Sutherland, and others will be traveling to Teledahn this weekend for a second Phase Four review of the Age.
Dr. Kodama and others will be traveling to the Cove this weekend for a Phase One review.
A major surface trip is planned for next week, including Dr. Watson, Marie Sutherland, and Victor Laxman. Dr. Kodama will stay in D'ni with the hopes of preparing the KI Annex for Phase Two approval. Michael Engberg will be
aiding Dr. Kodama, as well as continuing to work in Teledahn.
Victor Laxman has made significant progress recently with the KI. It is our hope that the annex will provide the missing pieces to inter age communication and a number of other issues, allowing for more KI features to be implemented fairly soon.

5.13.02 Three interiors within the southern industrial complex were reviewed this morning. They have received phase one approval.
The Bevin neighborhood continues to receive restoration work, many of it not immediately noticeable. However, based on recent inspections, the area continues to improve in stability and safety issues.
A group of DRC members will be returning to the surface next week for much needed supplies and equipment

5.9.02 Dr. Sutherland recently found time in her schedule to tour the Bevin neighborhood. It was her first time in the area since it received approval for phase four. She was very pleased with the progress that has been made in the last few months.
Thanks to the efforts of Michael Engberg and Douglas Sharper, Teledahn is nearing another phase four review. A specific date has not yet been determined.

5.6.02 The courtyard has been re-opened after some minor renovations.
Given recent events, the DRC would like to remind everyone to keep tools and supplies in secure locations.
On a related note, any "lost" or "found" items should be reported using incident forms available at the Tokotah. DRC members and engineers should take any "found" items to the Tokotah, and explorers should immediately notify the DRC.

4.30.02 After a recent report from Victor Laxman, the Council has approved a series of inter-Age tests relating to KI communication. More to follow.
All Restoration Engineers: Please remember that the courtyard will be closed for the remainder of the week and it will be necessary to use alternate routes to nearby structures

4.29.02 Unfortunately, Teledahn did not receive Phase 4 approval. Major safety issues are still prevalent, especially pertaining to operation of the tower and scope.
Three recent visitors to Teledahn have experienced sinus problems.
Investigations will continue, but this is not expected to delay Phase 4 approval.
The DRC plans to focus on cavern issues this week, hopefully leading to more stable neighborhood and city environments.

4.24.02 Though details are not available, the trip to Teledahn was successful and initial reports indicate that the Age should be entering Phase Five within days.
Contrary to earlier reports, the recently discovered industrial complex on the south side of the cavern will be undergoing Phase One approval processes shortly.
The DRC would like to thank everyone for their very generous offers to help in the restoration project. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and hope to be able to take advantage of it in the future.

4.22.02 We officially welcome all the new visitors to the website. Though each of you can not yet be in D'ni with us, we hope this site makes you feel a part of the restoration project.
D'ni New Year celebrations occurred on the surface as well as several locations in the cavern yesterday. One of the largest celebrations was in Bevin, where fireworks were reported. We thank everyone who participated for keeping the celebrations safe.
Dr. Watson, Dr. Sutherland, and Victor Laxman, along with other DRC volunteers, will be accompanying Douglas Sharper to Teledahn tomorrow. The trip is intended as a preliminary review, hopefully leading to Phase Four approval of the Age

4.21.02 The DRC is happy to celebrate the beginning of the D'ni year 9658 by making our website available to the general public for the first time.

4.19.02 Stability issues continue to be addressed—as quickly as they are discovered. Apparently a few explorers have been forced to execute emergency links after discovering new trouble areas. We apologize for these incidents and are feverishly looking into the the cause and a solution.
Mineral content levels in the lake water are still extremely high. Please avoid drinking lake water.
The trip to Teledahn has been postponed at the request of Douglas Sharper. It has been rescheduled for early next week.
Dr. Watson has plans for a lengthy return to the surface within the next three weeks. However, he does intend to visit Bevin for a D'ni New Year celebration and make the (now postponed) trip to Teledahn before returning.

4.12.02 Recent concerns of overcrowding in Bevin have been noted. Although it seems to have become a gathering place, there has been no evidence of critical instability. A positive sign for population concerns.
Linking issues continue to be addressed. Progress is promising, but resources continue to be tight. Next major milestone continues to be making a safe Linking Book available in Bevin.
Douglas Sharper recently reported to the DRC on the progress of Teledahn. A trip is planned there for next week, to analyze progress and prioritize remaining issues.

4.10.02 Bevin linking has experienced another link instability, leading to several reports of "black link". We are continuing to address these problems and apologize for the inconvenience.
In response to recent DRC meetings, DRC members will begin posting relevant issues and topics on the DRC Bulletin Boards located on this site.

4.8.02 The DRC would like to remind everyone that the Bevin mezzanine has been blocked off for safety reasons. It remains in everyone's best interest to not circumvent the blockades in order to gain access.
Ahyoheek table repairs have continued over the weekend.
Restoration Engineers have recently discovered that Ahyoheek Imagers may release small amounts of radiation in an upward direction. Climb on the table at your own risk.

The DRC is in the process of inventorying equipment over the next few weeks. Accurate cone and blockade counts for neighborhoods and The Island would be appreciated.

4.5.02 Bevin linking issues have been uncovered. Many have already been addressed with more fixes to follow.
New explorers anticipated in Bevin although because of previously stated stability issues, the rate of arrival will be staggered rather than in groups.
Restoration Engineers have recently discovered an industrial complex located on the south side of the cavern. Due to the need for resources in other areas, only minimal mapping of the complex will be scheduled.

4.3.02 This month, the restoration of Teledahn will be given first priority. The effort will be led by the discoverer of the Book, Douglas Sharper.
All weekly DRC Board Meetings will now be held in the Tokotah Building. Caution is advised as restoration continues there.

4.2.02 A major restoration effort over the weekend caused linking issues with certain explorers. Reports of linking into black areas "black-links" and trouble linking at all have been noted.
The allowing of additional explorers has also been delayed because of the "black-link" issue.
Ahyoheek has been installed and is actually working better than we had expected. Minor repairs will continue into the future. Apparently a few Restoration Engineers were impressed with the four consecutive wins in a four person game by an explorer. Well done.
Thanks to recent supplies, Victor Laxman has been able to continue to make great strides in KI technology, especially regarding the integration of D'ni and surface communications equipment.

3.29.02 Restoration has been progressing well, and we're happy to announce that more explorers will be allowed into D'ni within a few days. The DRC welcomes current visitors as well as these newcomers with hopes the neighborhood remains as safe and pleasant as it has been so far.

Bevin neighborhood restoration has continued, and Restoration Engineers have carried out a major clean-up, making the Bevin neighborhood safer and more accommodating to all visitors. A special thanks for their hard work.

Incremental improvements to the KI prototypes have been implemented.

Dr. Watson has safely returned from the surface along with much needed generators and electronic equipment. He paid a visit to the Bevin neighborhood and answered questions for a short while, before returning to work on Ae'gura.
The new Ahyoheek table has been repaired and is being transported to the Bevin neighborhood. Restoration Engineers are still working on minor issues so please be patient with the gaming table. Rules will be provided at a later date, for those who need them. NOTE: Please do not Link while sitting at the table. Engineers have found that Linking disturbs the KI sensor in the table and causes the game to malfunction. It was also considered rude by the D'ni.

Stability issues, especially regarding some residential doorways have been addressed.

Recent tests with algae oxygenation have not faired well. There is a good possibility that the cavern will darken as a result. Further carbon dioxide test are planned for the near future

3.25.02 A residential doorway structure in Bevin has been found to have certain stability issues that pose a hazard to those who try to enter it. For safety reasons, please stay away from the door. As a reminder, cones have been placed in the area. Special thanks to the explorers for help in dealing with this problem.

Robyn Miller returned to D'ni for the first time in several years. Reports indicate that he was given a tour of Bevin by a pair of explorers. Again special thanks to those explorers.

Dr. Watson will be returning to the surface during the week in order to orchestrate the transportation of needed supplies. However, he still intends to stop by Bevin on Friday for a check on the progress of the neighborhood as well as a quick question and answer session.

3.22.02 The Bevin Neighborhood was recently filled with some new explorers and a large number of restoration engineers. All reports indicate no major problems and an overall successful opening to Bevin. The dancing, led by Austin, was a welcome break, especially considering the restoration work that has been accomplished and the work that is still ahead.

Dr. Watson, though currently busy with restoration work on The Island, hopes to hold a question and answer session sometime next week.

Due to mechanical problems with the D'ni clock, it is not yet functioning properly. We hope to have this problem fixed soon.

Ahyoheek conversion is ahead of schedule with hopes to place one of the newer tables in the Bevin Neighborhood sometime next week.

3.21.02 The first authorized explorers from the surface have begun to arrive. A special welcome to all those arriving in D'ni for the first time. Hope you have a wonderful time, and please be patient with our ongoing restoration.

Work on the bioluminescent algae continues ­ oxygenation cycles have been increased which seems to have resulted in a slight increase in the luminance level. Still no on/off cycling apparent in any of the samples.

3.19.02 Final KI prototypes have been approved for public testing. Not all features are functional.

Ahyoheek table has been removed from the neighborhood to undergo major modifications. Several apparently newer models of the tables have been uncovered. Testing and conversion of the new tables should take less than a month.

The Bevin Neighborhood has received final approval from the DRC. It is now safe for the public and will be the first neighborhood opened to a group from the surface.
It's come to our attention that a beach ball has been seen in the Bevin neighborhood. It's not our purpose to stifle frivolity, but restoration engineers should remember to maintain a professional level of conduct.

Cavern environment stabilized further.
Unfortunately, a major section of a courtyard structure on Ae'gura Island fell during the night. As a result, access is restricted indefinitely.
The DRC has found a good supply of improved KI prototypes and hopes to begin distributing them soon. Final KIs are still undergoing testing.
Ahyoheek table is being upgraded. Possibly down for a few weeks.

The missing visitors have been found, and both have returned to the surface for medical treatment.
The waterfall in the primary neighborhood has been repaired.

Two expedition visitors to Ae'gura Island have failed to report in. If you have any word on the whereabouts of Rico Warman or Kara Miller please report it immediately to the DRC. In the meantime, Ae'gura Island access has been restricted.

3.7.02 More neighborhood areas have been discovered, many of which are in satisfactory condition. Work will begin quickly in order for them to receive general approval.

After a linking incident the linking book has been removed from the neighborhood. No injuries, but the incident is being reviewed.

3.4.02 Dr. Watson would like to personally express to everyone to again use extreme caution, especially on Ae'gura Island. Please do not move beyond the designated "safe zones".

Preliminary work has started on neighborhood Bulletin Boards.

3.1.02 Cavern environment stabilized further.
Long link time issues have been resolved. Even if the link takes a long time, it is still completed normally.

Work on Ae'gura Island continues. Lighting is still a problem. Limited cleanup of harbor and courtyard progressing. Limited access is available for approved restoration engineers only.

New information regarding KI's: Connection to Ahyoheek as well as D'ni transit access seems to be integrated. More information as it is available.

Added a Linking Book in the neighborhood. Book is one of the most reliable found, so it's been added to the neighborhood to allow for link testing. NOTE: There is still a return Linking Book in the tree - no need to carry one.

Some additional D'ni artifacts have been uncovered and made available in the neighborhood. Please treat with care.

Additional DRC restrictions on certain areas. Please be cautious around newly marked (coned) areas.

Non-vocal text communications is now available via the KI. Special thanks to Victor.

ID's are now displayed on the KI. This should be helpful as the number of D'ni visitors increases. Touching other explorers now activates their ID on the KI.

All D'ni areas are now more stable. Caution is still advised.

Still experiencing minimal hearing loss after linking.

2.15.02 Very intensive Neighborhood cleaning and preparation. Many thanks for the long hours spent.
Newer KI prototype now available. Still limited functionality, but testing continues.

Douglas Sharper has requested he be given personal oversight and responsibility of the Teledahn Age cleanup. Although not a member of the DRC, his help at this critical time is welcomed.

HEALTH ALERT: Substantial hearing loss after linking!

2.11.02 Neighborhood cleanup. First major cleanup of the neighborhood. Now safer for general exploration.
Most lighting is now functional, although switches not working correctly.

Interiors still not accessible.
KI device updated. Still minimally functional- research continues.

Cavern environment stabilized further.

Ongoing links to neighborhood sometimes take extremely long. Safety not
an issue.

HEALTH ALERT: Still experiencing temporary hearing loss after linking.

2.6.02 Introduction of D'ni device called a KI. Apparently the devices recovered are prototypes and not fully functional. We're making them available purely for research and testing. Actual KI's should be available within the year. KI device does allow for limited text communications, and storage, although very complicated to use. English character set is now available.

Ahyoheek gaming table now more stable. Able to replace display unit from similar model in room under stairs. Still minimal play, but scoring now in English.

Global D'ni cleanup continues. Entire Cavern environment stabilized.

Work on Ae'gura Island begins. Limited cleanup and support. Conditions unstable, surface lighting only at this time - generators required.
Library update - The few Books found in the city library have now been cataloged and are being tested for safety issues.
HEALTH ALERT: Still experiencing temporary hearing loss after linking.

2.1.02 The DRC welcomes all Restoration Engineers and Visitors to the neighborhood area. For the first time an area in D'ni has been deemed safe enough for limited use. Caution is still advised, but make yourself at home! No Books are provided for linking outside of this neighborhood area.
Lights in neighborhood not functioning properly.

Ahyoheek gaming table is minimally functional. Scoreboard may be in D'ni, not English - translation programming of table continues.

Ongoing links to neighborhood sometimes take extremely long. Linking Book is stable, safety not an issue.

HEALTH ALERT: The Linking Book to the neighborhood, seems to create hearing loss. The condition is apparently temporary.
KI: 00332200
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